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Triform's New Board Chair

Triform's New Board Chair: Welcome Dev Barker!

Dev Barker was born in Boston in 1938. After attending of Noble and Greenough School, Dev graduated from Harvard in 1960, and then completed a two-year stint in the Navy. He spent the next 10 years as a magazine editor in New York City. He then returned to the Boston area, completed Harvard Business School’s Program in Management Development, and joined an insurance agency where he remained until retirement 36 years later. Much of his practice centered on private schools, small colleges and museums. 
Dev has been an active volunteer and Board member in numerous non-profits over the years, including the New York YC (race committee chairman), America’s Cup Hall of Fame, Cruising Club of America (Bermuda Race chairman, twice), and the Peabody Essex Museum. He has chaired the Annual Fund and served as a Nobles class secretary for many years and co-chaired his 25th and 45th Harvard College reunions. 
Holly Barker, who has been at Triform for …

What is home?

What is home?

  We all have a sense for this--the places where we feel at home, the people that create it with and for us. It is a place where we eat, rest, sleep, laugh, get sick, cry, celebrate, learn, and recognize each other. In Triform, our houses are our homes and are central places of self-development, relationship building, and skill acquisition. 

Family and Friends Day

Family and Friends gathering  October 24th 2015
This year we invited friends and family to come a little later in the month for a fun, activity filled day. We hosted an intimate dinner and had productive conversation in the conference room on Friday night for the Journeymen families. During this, the Journeymen themselves went out for an enjoyable meal at a diner, which a generous person in the restaurant paid for! 


Harvest 2015

 Every year the gardens at Triform provide.  This year it was a good growing season supported by an enthusiastic garden crew. We are very fortunate to have productive land and the knowledgeable and hardworking crew to sow, tend and harvest the bounty.  In this intentional community, we strive to provide much of what we need for everyday life: milk from the dairy cows; vegetables from the garden; dishes made in our pottery studio; all things we do not take for granted and for which we give thanks.