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You Must Be...

You Must Be... by Noah Levinson
                The resemblance was so striking that the cliche left my mouth almost automatically: “You must be Pierre’s brother.” He was. Light brown and reddish hair, a ruddy complexion, some ineffable quality in the eyes and lips—it was just short of eerie, like seeing some alternate-universe version of Pierre himself. 
            Pierre, who has Down syndrome, is in his late thirties, well into his second decade at Triform. He is easily one of the most popular figures in the community, winning many hearts with a combination of charm and calculated mischief, without the benefit of very much language ability. Pierre is just great. Nearly everyone who works with him falls in love. 

Baking in Triform: Love in the batter

Baking in Triform: Love in the batter by Meg Henderson
I have a large collection of cookbooks, some I turn to more often than others. They are usually seasonally inspired with fresh organic produce as the staple ingredient. I am actually lulled to sleep often by looking at glossy photos of “ Classic Irish Cabbage and Bacon soup” or “ Roast Lamb with Lemons and Rosemary.” I wonder if this makes me a little odd. I am thrilled to discover when travelling a ‘Whole Foods' market or a ‘Trader Joes', and remember as a student in sub -tropical
South Africa taking a bus on Fridays to the Indian markets in the city center to buy fresh curry leaves and coriander for dhal; a marvelously economical dish, lasting several days. However, I digress. I am inspired by the pictures of steaming pasta with pesto and can smell summer in basil’s almost acrid green smell. Most summers I take my turn with other Triform coworkers, with my kids and students to process basil into pesto, pressing enormous …