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What is home?

What is home?

  We all have a sense for this--the places where we feel at home, the people that create it with and for us. It is a place where we eat, rest, sleep, laugh, get sick, cry, celebrate, learn, and recognize each other. In Triform, our houses are our homes and are central places of self-development, relationship building, and skill acquisition. 
The work of the Home Economics is seemingly repetitive: we prepare food, we do laundry, we empty the dishwasher, we go shopping, we sweep the floor. And yet it all flows with the pauses of an ordinary day--we thank the gardeners for bringing the basket of beautiful vegetables, we make a cup of tea for someone who is home sick, we laugh with the repairman who comes to fix the oven again, we drop our work to put a bandaid on a child's finger--and the tasks that come with the seasons--making more and more applesauce, cleaning a boot room overflowing with winter layers, cutting fresh flowers for the table, hanging laundry outside on the line. And in this humble work, we gain skills that are needed for life and create a home for our housemates to come back to and feel welcomed. In the safety and rhythm that is almost invisibly, but painstakingly, created in a Triform house, we all grow in our ability to care for ourselves and each other.

 Article by householder, Rebecca


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