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Candle Dipping

An Article by Alison Fox
Through the windows of the weavery kitchen the sunlight gives a faint hint that it will in fact leave for the day. There is a sweet smell of bees wax in the air. The light and smell create the atmosphere for the late afternoon course work offering of candle dipping.

Triform Media Group

Triform Media Group (TMG) has been active since October 2015. It is a new way for Triform to work with students. The group is comprised of two Students (Alex T. and Hannah P.) and one Apprentice (Cheney R.) The Co-workers are Aroon and Laura.

At the beginning, we were not sure where and how to start. Then, thanks to the generosity of Marika Partrdige, who not only donated recording equipment but also provided initials lessons in how to produce radio programs.