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Harvest 2015

 Every year the gardens at Triform provide.  This year it was a good growing season supported by an enthusiastic garden crew. We are very fortunate to have productive land and the knowledgeable and hardworking crew to sow, tend and harvest the bounty.  In this intentional community, we strive to provide much of what we need for everyday life: milk from the dairy cows; vegetables from the garden; dishes made in our pottery studio; all things we do not take for granted and for which we give thanks.

This year we grew sweet corn which had not been grown in Triform for a long time.  Adjacent to the corn grew some Italian edible gourds, a long snake-like squash and a novelty for us. Lettuce and greens were plenty. Onions and garlic hung in the garden shed waiting to be utilized.  Tomatoes, peppers, basil, parsley and berries galore were harvested throughout the summer.
At the Swantek field, behind the Phoenix Center, we grew a good crop of potatoes, carrots and beets, with the help of the Estate and Farm crews.  The beets especially grew to a large size, some as big as bowling balls!

Apples were in abundance at Triform, as in all of Columbia County.  They were beautiful and delicious with plenty to share with the local deer.  Apple cider was made fresh every day for the community.  

As the autumn leaves fall, we prepare the garden beds for another winter.  Preserving food for winter meals is the task in the kitchens at Triform now and as we gather and talk, we think about the summer past and the approaching winter and the blessings all around us.  

   The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. - William Blake 


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