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Art show at Lake George

Triform artists setting up for the big show!
For the past three years, Triform students have participated in the NYSACRA (NYS Association of Community Residential Agencies) Art Show held at the Sagamore Hotel in Lake George, NY. This past April was full of writing our short artists biographies, preparing and selecting the art to be hung. We also took time to practice the poem The Spell of Creation by Kathleen Raine and movements which we performed for the art-going audience at the art show.

Caroline and Jesse
In the past, we have brought six students to this art adventure but this year we had a much larger Triform contingent. A total of 16 young people and accompanying coworkers. Triformers are actively engaged with the arts!

One group left early in the morning. This group organized and hung all of the work. After two hours we were ready for a mini-adventure in the town of Bolton Landing. We ate out together at a cute diner in an old train car and then went for a gorgeous hike, which was a bit more treacherous than we had imagined. Some of us made it to the top. Hooray!

The second group joined us around 3:00pm, just in time for the opening. Everyone enjoyed sharing their work with other artists and admirers of art. Toward the end of the opening, Triform students and co-workers took to the stage to share the poem, movement and art they have been working on in Aroon’s class- The Art of Expression.

There were hundreds of people walking around, looking at the amazing artwork on display by the so-called “special needs” students from all over the NY State. The experience of working together and separately on works of art was fulfilling. Being able to share the work with others at the opening was thrilling. After the event students and co workers felt it had been enriching and we look forward to putting together our own art event in the near future!

Article by Aroon Kalsi and Alison Fox


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