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By Meg Henderson

The new Triform co-workers for the year 2016-17

 Triform’s volunteer coworkers are special people.  It takes really motivated, idealistic and energetic people to commit to a year or more of volunteer work.  This year I am particularly struck by the dedication of our coworkers and inspired by what talents they offer so open-heartedly. 

Evelin and Brandon ready for lunch!
They are the kinds of people who go above and beyond, who give of their time, without counting the hours, while sometimes having to do hard, repetitive tasks.  I am keenly aware that the quieter acts of love that include hanging out the umpteenth load of laundry or making lunch for a household everyday are beyond measure in their carrying the community and caring for all. 

Cheney and Noah on the radio
When I think of what service is, I am amazed by the variety of work the coworkers do and how uncomplainingly they (alongside the householders) do it!  These are individuals who get up at 1:00am to check the lambs and then get up to go milking again at 6:30am. They design and paint sets for the plays, harvest garden vegetables and pull endless rows of weeds and co-create the Sunday activities, meals and transportation needs.

Ran accompanies Lindsay on her graduation day!
They might get up with an early riser who is anxious and needs a friend, drive someone to the train station or library, entertain the community children, teach classes and become a mentor to a student, play an instrument in the Bell Choir, bake birthday cakes, work outside in all kinds of weather, welcome newcomers and visitors to their workplaces and homes, and say hard and tearful goodbyes to friends when their time at Triform comes to an end.

Jess, Evaluna and Jojo
These are individuals who care and know that they make a difference in the lives of all who call Triform home.  What they receive in return is many new life experiences, work-place training and skills, exposure to other cultures and languages and hopefully a real sense of what a life-sharing community offers.  

I know the love flows back to them through encounters with the residents, who in their own way, lets them know that it does matter what you do and who you are. Thank you dear coworkers for everything you do and all you have been to Triform.  

Blessings and love for years to come!

The new Co-workers 2016-17


  1. Camphill communities are such a blessing to so many and really elevate all of humanity. The co-workers are amazing and loving people - thank you for the wonderful work you do! Our family and son have been blessed by the Camphill movement. Triform looks like an amazing place!

  2. Meg: You express it beautifully. Triform is a blessed place in so very many ways, not least the co-worker volunteers you honor today. -db


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