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Triform at Basilica Farm and Flea

Triform participated as a vendor in this year's Basilica Farm and Flea market on Thanksgiving weekend. Basilica market is considered as an alternative to Black Friday shopping as well as a late fall bookend to Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market which premiered earlier this year.

Both markets seek to promote the talents and resources within the Hudson Valley. Last year’s Holiday Market drew 12,000 visitors over the course of the weekend.

Set against the beautiful and industrial building of the Basilica’s 1880’s re-purposed factory, this is the only market of its kind in the region.

Caroline, the master saleswoman
Visitors can shop handmade, and vintage goods, purchase locally made value-added food products and eat farm fresh food.  Tucked away among all these varied sellers was Triform's booth, which in our opinion fits quite well.

In many ways the community spirit was shining through. In other booths there were always the same people, but for Triform's stand there were 14 different people who took shifts, including two local families of the Day Hab students  Although we were still tight on people power, our friends and local families of the Triform students came to the rescue to help out.

 There was a lot of positive exposure. We were able to spread the word about Triform to many individuals and groups who had no idea that something like Triform existed in Columbia County.

We look forward to participating in similar events in the coming year.


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