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Wyatt's Story: The Boy Who Waited for His Father to Come Home After 9/11 Attacks

This is a story of one of our students, Wyatt Peterson, covered by NPR as part of their 9/11 story, you can read the whole story on NPR website
Here is an excerpt........

"People with a lot less trauma often end up either in prison, or with a serious drug addiction," says Dr. Richard Guild, Lisa's psychologist for more than a decade.

That the Patersons survived is a testament to the near infinite capacity of the human race to endure suffering, but also to hope. That they thrive is due in no small part to the vow Lisa made a few days after the towers fell. "This will not break me," she swore to herself. She simply would not allow the same fighting spirit that had first attracted Steven to her to die alongside him. And she would not allow the men responsible for the attacks, who had already taken so much, to hold her children captive in despair.

"My job," she says today, "was not to let those terrorists ruin my kids."

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