Triform pottery

Bringing your talents to Triform Camphill Community
In the pottery with co-worker JoJo

The Triform pottery has been part of the work activity program at Triform for over several decades. Currently one of eight work areas available, students get to participate in hands on clay molding, design, painting, glazing and all other aspects involved in the creation of a beautiful piece of ceramic art. The pottery studio at Triform has its own workshop space. Inside this space, you can find multiple pottery wheels, a kiln, supplies, and inspiring teachers and coworkers that work alongside students.

One such inspiring and motivating teacher and coworker is JoJo. JoJo is a coworker that has been at Triform for almost a year. She is an incredibly talented artist who works with students in the pottery workshop. Her arts education from SUNY New Paltz and knowledge of pottery as an artist has helped the students in that work area to thrive on  new techniques and excitement about the craft. As a result of the work she is doing with other co-workers and students in the pottery, JoJo decided to take on the task of developing an Etsy store with some of the other community members. Here, they will be able to share the amazing mission and work of Triform. JoJo is truly a great example of one of the many driven and gifted coworkers at Triform. Like many other coworkers, Triform has highlighted her talents and allowed her to  explore different avenues within her field.

Exposing and nurturing new ways to create, share and grow is one of the many reasons to become a coworker at Triform. This diverse community works to support those with special needs in creative ways, as well as developing the many talents of the care givers that bring so much experience and life to the community.

Coworkers come from all over the world and stay for one year. They can then decide to remain in the community and grow into a more permanent role. Because of the creative work that Triform does, an increased number of people are finding Triform a great fit for them both personally and professionally.

Triform encourages the development of each coworkers strength within the context of Triform’s mission and work. Not only does triform offer great opportunities to gain experience in working with those with special needs, they encourage each coworker to bring their unique talents to the table.

For more information on becoming a coworker at Triform, go to or call 518-851-9320.


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