William Moves On: Best Wishes

William Turits is Moving On 
Article by Meg Henderson


William Turits has been a long-time member of Camphill communities graduating first from Beaver Run, then Beaver Farm in Pennsylvania where he started when he was 12 years old. He has been in Triform for three years and has had three happy, fulfilling years where he made many friends and endeared himself to everyone.
During his trial visit, William lived in Halcyon house with Akiko and Takeshi and had a great time talking to everyone. William loved to walk between the houses, doing errands and taking messages in that first icy January (as well as participating in all the scheduled activities!) The following Fall
William moved into Woodland house with Maggie as a householder.

William is very well suited to farm and garden work, and although he
was a diligent home economics student he was quickly placed on the
land for most of the year. William has a great love of schedules and
calendars. He can notice errors on the calendar and inform Cierra in the
office so that she can re-do it! He also loves trains and planes. His
highlight last Easter was going with his friend Alasdair on a train ride together to New York City. William's dad would sometimes fly a small plane to our nearby airport and William would fly home to Long Island with him.
The past year and a half William has lived in Farmview house with us, sharing his cheerful and energetic presence (not to mention his voice resonating throughout the neighborhood as he delivered compost and trash).
William is now going to transition to a group home on Long Island. We were able to celebrate William's time in Triform last weekend and it was really heartwarming to see his beaming handsome face and see him so happy. We wish him all the best and hope he calls us on his phone night!
Another long-term resident is departing for a new chapter of his life as well.  Look for our goodbye to Tommy Moore in the July newsletter.  


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