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14th Annual Benefit Concert

Dar William's playing her magic
     On June 24th, Triform held our Annual Benefit Concert featuring singer song-writer, Dar Williams. More than 250 people came out to hear Dar and to support Triform in this important annual fundraiser. We are so fortunate to be able to welcome the larger community to our concerts each year in the gymnasium of the Phoenix Center. The gym was transformed into an intimate concert setting with a well-lite, well-decorated stage and a Steinway for Dar's pianist, Bryn Roberts. The concert was lovely and when Triform's Bell Choir performed "The One Who Knows" with Dar, everyone was moved.

Ann Bailey 
Triform Bell Choir on stage
Our benefit concerts have become an essential way for Triform to raise money for the vital programs that enhance the lives of our community members. We thank everyone who supported the concert with sponsorships, advertisements, ticket purchases and by volunteering on the planning committee! The generous anonymous donor who offered the matching challenge grant defines for us generosity of spirit in so many ways. Thank you all!

Ice cream social
Following the concert, we enjoyed ice cream made with cream from the Triform-managed, Churchtown Dairy and maple syrup from this spring's maple sugaring season. Special thanks to Jane's Ice Cream in Kingston, NY for helping with the mixing and deep freeze needed as the final touches to the batch and to Bailey Pottery Equipment who graciously supplies Triform with all that is needed to create the bowls in our pottery studio.

We are all deeply grateful to all of our friends and supporters, to Dar Williams and the Triform Bell Choir for bringing us together through the universal language of music.


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