Open house May 2016

Triform once again, opened our community doors to share a brief look into daily life when we  hosted an Open House and Campus Tour on May 14, 2016. These events offer an opportunity to  experience the many and varied programs that Triform offers to young adults with special needs. 
Several families and their children with special needs were in attendance and able to visit the  work areas, classrooms, one of the community homes and the community center. Co-workers  and current students were busy in their chosen work areas, whether it was the Pottery or  Weavery studios, Farm and Garden or the Bakery. Meg Henderson welcomed everyone and the  student bell choir performed for the group. 

People in attendance came from New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and even Missouri.  The admissions group was on hand to answer questions about criteria for admission, the  application process and finances. After the tour, we gathered to socialize and enjoy refreshments.

Triform will host an Open House twice a year in the Spring and Fall. If you know any families  who are looking for a youth guidance, residential or day habilitation program for their young- adult child, please have them contact us for more information at 518.851.9320 or


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