Congratulation Tristen!

        At the Family and Friend's Weekend at the end of June, we will say a bittersweet farewell to Tristin Mosley at his Apprentice graduation. Tristin has been a day hab participant at Triform since 2007. I remember when he first started coming to Triform, I was also living in Hudson at the time and I would drive Tristin to Triform. We would start each day together. What a joy to meet him in these early hours with enthusiasm for the day ahead!

During his time as a Student, Tristin tried all the work areas and decided on the Bakery and Garden for his Apprenticeship. Particularly potent memories for me during his student time are the two roles Tristin had in plays produced by the Day students with Michael Hoy. Tristin was a regal Oz behind the curtain in "The Wizard of Oz". In "Letters to God", Tristin was, well, God himself, a mysterious figure on the periphery looking after the other characters. I also remember fondly Tristin's work with finger-knitting, embroidery, and beading during a crafts class that I taught.

During his Apprenticeship, Tristin made significant contributions to Triform. In the Bakery, Tristin joyfully cut many an onion and skillfully rolled many a roll. In the Garden, he has moved wheelbarrows, made deliveries of the beautiful produce, and patiently prepared herbal plants for making remedies. Tristin brings joy and peace to those around him, with his attentive observation and warm affection.

Tristin's parents, Elena and Greg Mosley, have been strong supporters of Triform, bringing their artistic skills with dancing and drumming, helping Ethan in the Forest, spreading praise for Triform in their community. After his graduation, we are very pleased that Tristin will join the Camphill Hudson Solaris program in Hudson, NY. It is wonderful that we will all still be able to see each other often.


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