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Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Triform's Christmas Play
Article by Takeshi Suesada 

We performed the play "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on December 18th and 19th.  On the 18th, the performance was primarily for people in Triform.  Friends of Triform in the local area, such as people from Camphill Hudson, also came to see the performance. On the 19th, we performed for the families and friends of our students, apprentices and journeymen/women. Some locals friends also came, including people from Camphill Village Copake.

The actors, and all the people involved, worked very hard to make this play possible.  It was wonderful that so many people could come together at the end of the year to see the performance, and also to enjoy being with each other.  

People in Triform were very enthusiastic.  Even before the practices started several months ago, many people asked "what play are we doing this year?"  "When does practice start?" "What time is practice?"  A group of people came together and rehearsed for about two months during the coursework time in the afternoon.  Many are very good actors.  They can bring so much life in the way they speak, act, and move. The story was a very popular story that could connect us to the joyfulness of this holiday season.  The actors all did wonderfully, speaking in a strong voice in front of a large audience.  Some had many lines.  Thank you very much for memorizing and working hard on this play.  Ran Shimizu lead a few people in eurythmy. They moved gracefully and brought much beauty to the performance.  Akiko Suesada played music with the piano, lyre, and other musical instruments.  Music brought so much to the festive play and enhanced the performance.  Rebecca Bissonnette lead a few singers and sang beautifully for all of us. Stephen Steen read the poem, Twas the Night before Christmas, and lead us to the last scene.  Our art teacher, Alison Fox, created so many beautiful sets and props during coursework with coworkers and students.  We also appreciate being allowed to borrow costumes from Camphill Village Copake.  A big thank you to all the people who were involved and supported the play.

Photos taken by Rich Barton, Triform parent


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