Ben Bruschke and The Churchtown Dairy

Ben Bruschke and The Churchtown Dairy

                      Here at Churchtown Dairy the herd continues to grow. Currently, we are milking 14 cows by hand and by machine. Amidst the changing seasons and on going construction on the farm, there are those things that give the farm balance and rhythm, much like the tide of the ocean. Morning and afternoon milking, the herd comes in for milking, and the herd goes back out to pasture. A busy farm day, and a cool starry night (a pleasure for the cows in contrast to the heat).

Overseeing the ebb and flow of the agro-tide and of worthy mention, is farm apprentice Ben Bruschke. Ben has been on the farm for four years and is a growing asset to the farm organism. His calm and gentle demeanor with the herd is much appreciated by them as he walks them to and from the barn. He takes great joy in milking, telling others it's " his favorite task on the farm". Besides general upkeep, daily chores and projects, Ben also continues to guide others from students to coworkers about the ways of the farm.

An article by Brent Hayes, Triform Farmer


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