Friday, July 31, 2015

Iona and Conor’s wedding
Last Friday Iona (Meg and Martin’s oldest daughter) married Conor O’ Reilly (a former coworker) in the Churchtown Dairy. The guests who included family and friends from Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and England as well as the whole community celebrated a truly beautiful wedding. The non denominational celebrant started the ceremony by inviting the elements in and as Iona and Conor walked into the barn accompanied by fiddle music, the wind blew up and then in the space of a half hour we witnessed rain, sun, and as they left the barn following the  ceremony a rainbow appeared! 

James and the weaving studio

The Triform Weaving Studio
The Triform Weavery has been an inspiring therapeutic workshop for many students for over ten years. The weaving studio includes 12 large floor looms, all except one have been generously donated! Triform works with their own Icelandic wool, felting, as well as weaving rugs made from the roving. Students are learning to sew, weave, knit, crochet, wet felt, needle felt, dye fabric and wool, read basic weaving patterns and identify loom parts, according to each individual's ability.