Friday, September 16, 2016

Wyatt's Story: The Boy Who Waited for His Father to Come Home After 9/11 Attacks

This is a story of one of our students, Wyatt Peterson, covered by NPR as part of their 9/11 story, you can read the whole story on NPR website

Here is an excerpt........

"People with a lot less trauma often end up either in prison, or with a serious drug addiction," says Dr. Richard Guild, Lisa's psychologist for more than a decade.

That the Patersons survived is a testament to the near infinite capacity of the human race to endure suffering, but also to hope. That they thrive is due in no small part to the vow Lisa made a few days after the towers fell. "This will not break me," she swore to herself. She simply would not allow the same fighting spirit that had first attracted Steven to her to die alongside him. And she would not allow the men responsible for the attacks, who had already taken so much, to hold her children captive in despair.

"My job," she says today, "was not to let those terrorists ruin my kids."

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


By Meg Henderson

The new Triform co-workers for the year 2016-17

 Triform’s volunteer coworkers are special people.  It takes really motivated, idealistic and energetic people to commit to a year or more of volunteer work.  This year I am particularly struck by the dedication of our coworkers and inspired by what talents they offer so open-heartedly. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

William Moves On: Best Wishes

William Turits is Moving On 
Article by Meg Henderson

William Turits has been a long-time member of Camphill communities graduating first from Beaver Run, then Beaver Farm in Pennsylvania where he started when he was 12 years old. He has been in Triform for three years and has had three happy, fulfilling years where he made many friends and endeared himself to everyone.
During his trial visit, William lived in Halcyon house with Akiko and Takeshi and had a great time talking to everyone.  William loved to walk between
the houses, doing errands and taking messages in that first icy January (as
well as participating in all the scheduled activities!) The following Fall
William moved into Woodland house with Maggie as householder.

Family and Friends Day

The concert was just the beginning of an activity filled weekend! On Saturday morning for Family and Friends Day, we worked together on projects throughout the community including: mulching paths; clearing rocks from the potato field; creating mosaics in the pottery studio and baking dinner rolls. There was time to rest and socialize, view the beautiful coursework exhibit hung by art teacher Alison Fox and Aroon Kalsi and have lunch together to reconnect with the Triform family.

14th Annual Benefit Concert

Dar William's playing her magic
     On June 24th, Triform held our Annual Benefit Concert featuring singer song-writer, Dar Williams. More than 250 people came out to hear Dar and to support Triform in this important annual fundraiser. We are so fortunate to be able to welcome the larger community to our concerts each year in the gymnasium of the Phoenix Center. The gym was transformed into an intimate concert setting with a well-lite, well-decorated stage and a Steinway for Dar's pianist, Bryn Roberts. The concert was lovely and when Triform's Bell Choir performed "The One Who Knows" with Dar, everyone was moved.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Congratulation Tristen!

        At the Family and Friend's Weekend at the end of June, we will say a bittersweet farewell to Tristin Mosley at his Apprentice graduation. Tristin has been a day hab participant at Triform since 2007. I remember when he first started coming to Triform, I was also living in Hudson at the time and I would drive Tristin to Triform. We would start each day together. What a joy to meet him in these early hours with enthusiasm for the day ahead!

Open house May 2016

Triform once again, opened our community doors to share a brief look into daily life when we  hosted an Open House and Campus Tour on May 14, 2016. These events offer an opportunity to  experience the many and varied programs that Triform offers to young adults with special needs.